Association Internationale pour la Défense de la Liberté Religieuse

The organization – the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR) was created in 1946 in Paris, France by Dr. Jean Nussbaum and defends human rights and religious freedom for all people around the world. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt had an important and fundamental role in the creation and development of AIDLR, as she was the first President of the Honorary Committee from 1946 to 1962. After the contribution of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Paul Henry Spaak, Rene Cassin, Edgar Faure, Leopold Sedar Senghor and Mary Robinson represented our organization as Presidents of the Honorary Committee.

AIDLR has chapters in different parts of the world. At the European level, AIDLR is more specifically in charge of twelve countries, using its international expertise in religious liberty, its efforts and influence in participating to different debates, proposing documents and resolutions, and organizing at the level of parliaments, governments, universities and international organizations, site-events, seminars, conferences and training sessions in favor of human rights, religious liberty and non-discrimination for all people.

AIDLR has launched a holistic framework to protect religious liberty and religious minorities’ rights by establishing a structure of different actors and stakeholders representing institutional and multidisciplinary frameworks. The main idea is to examine practical measures and strategies to reinforce the capacity of five categories of major stakeholders – governments, diplomats, religious leaders, academia and non-governmental organisations (“Dialog Five”) and to establish a coordinated multidisciplinary interaction in order to foster understanding between civilizations, cultures and religions.

Starting from 1948, the AIDLR publishes each year the Conscience and Liberty magazine as an important academic tool on human rights and religious liberty. AIDLR is observer and permanent representative at the United Nations, European Parliament and representative at the Council of Europe and at OSCE.

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